La bottega fantastica


The jewelry department at La Bottega Fantastica is dedicated to creating custom-made stage jewelry designed to enhance the beauty and charisma of professional actors and singers. Our artisans work on demand to create unique pieces that help transform each show into a visual and artistic masterpiece.

Each piece of jewelry is carefully researched and crafted with the aesthetic and character traits of the actors in mind. This customized process ensures that each piece not only integrates perfectly with the costume and set design, but also reflects the personality of the character being played. The details of the jewelry are meticulously crafted, using traditional techniques and high-quality materials to create works that add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the show.

The stage jewel is not just a decorative element, but an essential component that gives character and depth to the character, helping to make the show captivating and all-around engaging.


Handcrafted Jewelry

The ability of our craftsmen to interpret and implement the requests of directors and scenic designers makes our jewelry department an irreplaceable partner for high-level theatrical, film and television productions.

We are ready to turn your ideas into visual masterpieces.

Our Principals


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