La bottega fantastica


The props department of La Bottega Fantastica is a key pillar of the company, dedicated to the creation and rental of props for theatrical, film and television productions. This department is renowned for its extensive collection of scenic gear, ranging from historical items to fantastical elements, all made with great attention to detail and authenticity. Inside our production centre in the exhibition section you will find more than 40,000 props ranging from swords to half-busts to cutlery to pipes and cigars to fruit stands, lances, banners and much more.

Each object is designed to blend seamlessly into the scenic environment, helping to create a believable and engaging atmosphere.

This flexibility allows us to successfully deal with a wide range of requests, from historical reconstructions to more elaborate imaginary creations.


Maximum customization

One of the distinguishing features of the tooling department is its ability to customize. Each piece can be adapted to meet the special requirements of each project, making each item unique and specific to the current production.

Rental options

In addition to the creation of new objects, the department offers a rental service that gives productions access to a wide range of scenic gear without the need to purchase it.

We are ready to turn your ideas into visual masterpieces.

Our Principals


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