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daniele barbera

Who I Am

Daniele Barbera, born in Italy on 8/27/1987, has extensive experience in the field of set design and stagecraft.

daniele barbera scenografo
Daniele Barbera montaggio scenografia
2002 to 2009


He has successfully collaborated at the Scenographic Artistic Workshop. La Bottega Fantastica S.r.l., distinguishing himself as a Scenographer.

daniele barbera la traviata
2005 / 2008

Avanches Opera Festival in Switzerland

He contributed to the Avanches Opera Festival in Switzerland, participating in productions of "Nabucco" (July 2005) and "Traviata" (July 2008) by G. Verdi.

daniele barbera scenotecnico

Scenotechnics Tutor

Became a Scenotechnical Tutor at the Ce.S.For training organization, consolidating his skills.

daniele barbera taormina

Key roles

He played key roles as a sketch set designer for renowned operas such as "Tosca" and "Traviata" at the Teatro Antico Taormina in 2011.

daniele barbera carmen scenografia

Key roles

He held the position of stagehand builder and staging manager for G.Bize's opera "Carmen" in Lecce.

daniele barbera scenografia
2015 / 2016

Key roles

His career continues successfully, including experiences at li Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania in 2015 and the Taormina Opera Stars festival in 2016, where he was responsible for staging for the operas "Tosca" and "Cavalleria Rusticana."

2009 / 2020

The Fantastic Shop

From 2009 to 2020, Daniel held key roles at the Art Workshop - Scenographic La Bottega Fantastica, demonstrating excellent technical and managerial skills.

Experience Alongside International Master Set Designers

Daniele Barbera, a talented set designer, has honed his skills by working closely with renowned master set designers of international caliber. Notable among them are Salvo Signorelli, former first set designer of the Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania, and Maurizio Varamo, first set designer of the Rome Opera House.

The experience alongside Salvo Signorelli, known for his mastery in creating unforgettable scenic atmospheres, has enriched the artistic background of Daniel. In addition, collaboration with Maurizio Varamo, an experienced set designer at the Rome Opera House, helped shape his vision and expertise in the field of stagecraft.

Training alongside such leading figures in the international scene of set design gives Daniele Barbera a deep artistic background, further enriching his profile as a high-level set designer.

Discover how experience alongside masters of the caliber of Signorelli and Varamo translates into unique and impactful sets for el your theatrical productions with Daniele Barbera.

With Daniele Barbera, your production will benefit from unhindered multicultural professionalism and expertise, with a comprehensive view of project phases and a constant focus on timely implementation.

The Fantastic Shop &Co: A New Chapter in Artistic and Event Excellence.

Since 2015, La Botega Fantastica Ltd. has undergone a momentous transformation under the leadership of Daniele Barbera, who renamed it La Bottega Fantastica & Co in 2022, opening the door to a bold expansion into the universe of events and performances.

The new direction of Daniele Barbera has led to a diversification of activities, embracing the world of large events and shows.

Bottega Fantastica & Co has signed resonant collaborations with industry giants such as Google, Nokia, Netflix, Medusa Film, D&G, Trussardi and other major corporations, solidifying its position as a landmark in the arts and events arena.

In recent years (2020-2023), La Bottega Fantastica &Co has extended its presence beyond its national borders, embracing foreign markets such as Las Palmas and Serbia, both in the theatrical and film sectors. This expansion testifies to the company’s ability to adapt and excel globally, taking its artistry to new horizons.

Discover how La Bottega Fantastica &Co transforms every event into an extraordinary experience by blending creativity, innovation and prestigious collaborations with renowned international companies.

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