La bottega fantastica


Scenografia norma messina

La Bottega Fantastica is the result of years of experience in the theatrical world.

Furthermore, our team of artists have worked with renowned directors and theater companies, helping to transform each stage into a magical and unforgettable world.


Unique Theatrical Set Designs:
From the intimate atmosphere of a classic drama to the imaginative settings of innovative productions, our sets are designed to capture the audience’s imagination and transport them to extraordinary worlds.

Stage Jewelry:
Our expert jewelers create unique pieces that reflect the spotlight. Indeed, each piece of jewelry is designed to embellish and characterize the characters, adding a touch of glamour to your show.

Imposing Theatrical Sculptures:
From artistic expression to the scenic element, our sculptures are designed to capture attention and create a visual impact on the theatrical audience.

Tailored Costumes:
Our theatrical tailoring makes costumes that embody the personalities of the characters and fit perfectly with the director’s vision. From period to contemporary, every detail is taken care of with the utmost precision.


Experience of Excellence:
Our long history in the theater industry is a guarantee of unparalleled quality and creativity. Therefore, each production is a new chapter in our passion for the performing arts.

Innovation and Originality:
We pride ourselves on being pioneers in stage innovation. Each project is an opportunity to experiment and bring new ideas to the stage.

Successful Theatrical Collaborations:
We have collaborated with prestigious theater companies, producing unforgettable shows. Our reputation is based on successful results and the trust of our employees.

We are ready to turn your ideas into visual masterpieces.

Our Principals


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