La bottega fantastica



One of the key processes, from an ecogreen perspective, is in the creation of our colors. We opt for ecogreen solutions using natural earth and oxides as base pigments. These materials are made into liquid colors by mixing them with water and adding vinyl glue. Our concern for the environment also extends to the source of water: we use only water collected from a tank specifically dedicated to rainwater collection. This ecogreen approach allows us to significantly reduce our consumption of drinking water, thus contributing to the conservation of water resources.

materiali ecogreen


In the creation of sets, safety is a top priority for us. Therefore, we adopt strict safety regulations to ensure the protection of audiences and performers. We use only Class 1 intumescent clear paints that are specially designed to slow down the burning process. In addition, we are proud to be qualified to issue a certification that attests to our commitment to high safety standards, confirming that our sets comply with regulations. 

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